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 Rules and Guidelines for use

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PostSubject: Rules and Guidelines for use   Sat Jan 24, 2015 2:41 pm


· Do not promote illegal practices (in French or British law). Such information puts the board and users at risk. The messageboard is based in France.
· Do not reveal the personal information of another board user, without their express permission. Be careful about revealing your own personal information in the General Forums and on your profile. By default, only your username, avatar and user group are public. The General Forums are visible to Guests and member profiles are accessible to anyone who registers.
· Do not insult or swear at other users, even in a heated debate. Refrain from confrontational, unconstructive behaviour.
· Do not spam advertisements for other political groups or their events. Discussion of other political groups or their events is welcome, particularly those supported by the YCL, in the interests of unity. Advertisement of supported events is welcome. Discussion for the purpose of mudslinging or covert/self-serving advertisement is not welcome (see the Guidelines below).
· Do not form cliques or factions in order to undermine other users or the administration. The internal democracy of the YCL exists for a reason; administration of the messageboard is accountable to the Executive Committee. See the guideline on democratic centralism below.
· Forms of prejudice, such as racism, sexism and homophobia, are not welcome.
· If you will not respect the aims of the messageboard (see the Guidelines below), do not register. Blatant far-right and other provocation is not welcome.

· Abstract debate or discussion of theory without practice is not the purpose of these forums – they are for discussion and organisation of communist action in real life.

· Use of these forums must reflect the programme of the Communist Party of Britain, ‘Britain’s Road to Socialism’ – our duty in the present conditions is to build a popular democratic alliance of working class and progressive forces in Britain, requiring a high level of coordination and unity, in order to challenge and ultimately defeat the capitalist ruling class, take state power and implement socialism.
· Use of these forums must respect the Marxist-Leninist strategic and political outlook of the Communist Party of Britain and the Young Communist League. This outlook enables communists to correctly interpret events and provide guidance, whilst cooperating with other socialists and progressives on the basis of mutual respect, in the interests of the mass movement that must be built for socialist revolution.
· Use of these forums must respect the principles of democratic centralism – “freedom of discussion, unity of action”. All forum users may discuss the issues and policies of young communists in Britain, but simultaneously they must respect the decisions of the Young Communist League, whose leadership is elected via majority vote of the members. Forum users with political alignments contrary to those of the YCL must nevertheless respect the guidelines of the messageboard, if they continue to utilise it.
· These guidelines have the following aims: to encourage communists, socialists and progressives to work together on common objectives without cliquish (sectarian) behaviour – to encourage users to learn the Marxist-Leninist outlook and discipline necessary for an effective revolutionary mass movement.
· Any comrade who will respect these aims is welcome to join the messageboard and contribute to the discussion and organisation of young communists in Britain!
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Rules and Guidelines for use
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